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5 Patio Design And Outdoor Lifestyle Trends

Today, the patio and outdoor entertaining space is like an extension of the home, allowing for entertaining and outdoor living in any season. Because of this, outdoor design is carefully considered, with comfort, convenience and style at the top of the list. Homeowners are now striving for that ideal blend of modern design and creative conveniences.

Consider using these five patio design and outdoor living trends for your property:

1. Large Pavers and Geometric Patterns

Whether your patio or driveway is compact or vast, larger pavers and designer bricks are the trend. Oversized pavers help to create the optical illusion that smaller areas are actually bigger than they are. As for areas that were big to begin with, large sized pavers help them hold interest, stand out and look more unique.

When it comes to placement and patterns, the simple grid has given way to far more complex and artistic ideas. Layouts are more elaborate, with a variety of paver colors and designs that interlock and lend themselves to delineating property and entertainment spaces artfully.

2. Merged Materials

The deliberate, creative mixture of materials in outdoor design layout is another prominent trend. Patios, driveways, walks, paths and garden areas are now being accented with pavers framed by metal, stone or wood in many of today's yards.

3. Integrated Landscaping

Gardens are no longer a segregated add-on in contemporary outdoor spaces. These days, they are seamlessly integrated with other yard elements like patios and decks via carefully selected landscaping artistry. Landscaping services can create retaining walls that merge and mingle with the other outdoor elements to "play nice" and give a smoother, more harmonious result.

4. Eco-Friendly Plans and Materials

Style and decor may rule, but many homeowners are now gravitating toward landscaping products that are friendlier to the environment. Paved areas and decks don't require watering like grass does, which reduces the use of resources. Paved spaces are also being constructed with permeable patio elements for better water retention and drainage.

5. Gourmet Kitchens

At one time, a gas grill in the back yard was enough; today, the outdoor kitchen often features a gourmet-style full cooking station, a refrigerator, bar, wine chest, premium accessories, and even a brick pizza oven.  

Today's outdoor living is light years beyond what was expected and accepted just a decade ago. If it's time to bring your yard up to speed, consider incorporating some of these style, design and decor ideas in your outdoor living space. To learn more, contact a company like Four Seasons Nursery with any questions or concerns you have.