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Want A New Kitchen? – Upgrade That Laminate To Granite Countertops

Maybe you'd like to update your old kitchen with a complete makeover of new cabinets, countertops, appliances, and flooring. But that kind of renovation can be very costly. There's a less expensive way to upgrade the look of your kitchen without the expense of a total makeover. You can replace your laminate countertops with granite tops.

In the short term, you'll get a fresh-looking kitchen that you can enjoy and be proud of today. Granite is not cheap, but in the long term, it's likely that the countertop upgrade will help pay for itself in the resale value of your home when it's time to sell the house.

Easy Care and Squeaky Clean

Your granite top will look great with just daily cleaning using water, mild soap, and a sponge or cloth. There are also special granite cleaners available that clean and apply a thin protective film on the surface. Keeping a clean kitchen is important, and granite countertops make that a little easier. Granite tops are resistant to bacteria, like the kind that like to hide out on kitchen work surfaces.


Granite is not a man-made product, so its one-of-a-kind, natural look is very appealing. You can choose from hundreds of colors with a variety of patterns. There will be no worries that someone else in the neighborhood has a countertop that is quite like yours. There can be similar colors of granite, but there is endless variation in each top because of the differences in light and dark shading in the colors, and in the veins, swirls, and speckles that are visible in granite.

Tough Stuff

Granite is very tough – you'll find that it's hard to scratch, and it will not burn or scorch if you place a hot pot on it. You can even cut on it with a knife, and your only worry might be dulling your knife blade. Granite also withstands foods or liquids that have a high acid content, like orange or vinegar. And in the unlikely event that your granite does chip, a professional like GranBrazil Inc can usually repair the chipped place.

Shopping Tips

When you're ready to purchase granite tops, take the time to shop around for a well-established, reputable dealer. Homeowners who experience problems with granite usually have trouble with granite that is either poorly sealed or not sealed at all. Granite is porous and must be properly sealed or it will absorb liquids that can leave stains.