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Learn How To Make Your Table More Unique Using Tile

Owning your first home is exciting, but decorating it can often be quite difficult because you want to choose items that are unique and show your personality well. Fortunately, customizing furniture to match your style doesn't have to be overly difficult. Use the guide that follows to learn how to customize a coffee table with pieces of tile from a retailer like Tuo Sogno to create a mosaic effect that will make the piece one-of-a-kind.

Break the Tile

The first thing you will need to do is break the tile into smaller portions. Place a towel on a hard, flat surface such as your driveway or sidewalk. Lay tiles on one-half of the towel and then fold the other half over the tiles. Use a hammer to hit the tiles gently. The tiles should break into pieces that are roughly an inch in size.

Choose Your Design

You can choose to use many different colored tiles to create a hodgepodge design on the tabletop or you can simply use two or three colors to create an intricate design on the table. Take the time to draw the design you want to create on a police of paper, if you want an intricate design. This will give you a guide to follow to ensure the table turns out the way you want.

Attach the Tile

Take some thinset mortar and mix it according to the directions on the bag in a small bowl. Use a trowel to spread the mortar over the entire top of the table to create an even layer of mortar. Place the pieces of tile onto the mortar and push them down slightly so that the tile goes into the mortar without being covered by it.

Grout the Table

Take a grout mix and mix it per the directions on the package. Add dollops of the grout on top of the tile and then use the trowel to spread the grout over every section of the tabletop. The grout needs to be pressed between the pieces of tile. Wet a large sponge and wipe away the excess grout from the tops of the tile. The space between each tile will be filled, but the tile will look beautiful.

The grout creates a protective barrier over the table so that the table will be waterproof and durable. You can place food and drinks onto the table without worrying that it will be damaged or destroyed by water rings or crumbs. This makeover takes very little time, but really makes a huge visual impact on a room.