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Make Your Move An Easy One

Whether or not you're glad to be moving, you'll probably agree that it can be a stressful time. Are you dealing with teenagers who don't want to leave their friends? Is it hard for you to leave your familiar surroundings, dear friends and your trusted service people? Even finding a new doctor can be daunting. Getting your household belongings moved can be enough to wear you out. Make your move an easier one by taking these steps.

Get Your Family's Cooperation - Designate certain days to clean out the house.

  • Tell all your family members that nobody leaves the house until you have called the quitting time for the day. Kids are in charge of their own rooms. Of course, it's important for all of you go to through your things and de-clutter, but encourage the kids to keep things out that you know will help them to feel comfortable in the new home right when you move in. For example, tell each child that she gets to keep three of her favorite stuffed animals to sleep with on the first night.
  • Besides a few clothes you'll all need at the beginning, have one box that will have linens in it. Then you won't have to search for them when you need to take a shower and make beds in the new house. Just to be on the safe side, buy a new toothbrush for everybody, as somebody is bound to forget it. Pack a box for each bathroom with shampoo and soap in it, too.
  • Eat out! Think of all the work that goes into planning your meals and cleaning up after them. Consider eating out during moving days. Besides the energy you'll save personally, it will be a treat for all of you to be together. This is also a great time to assess what needs to be done the next day.

Plan Carefully - When you're getting ready for the household movers to come, think of what will need to be done when unpacking at the new house.

  • Of course, many people will already think of labeling boxes with the rooms where they are supposed to go. However, another consideration is to label boxes for storage. These boxes will contain things you think you don't want (but just aren't ready to part with yet). Also, label boxes for the different holidays during the year. Especially if your move is now, you'll be grateful to be able to go right to the boxes that say Christmas on them.
  • Make a floor plan. On a large poster board, draw a floor plan of your new house. Now cut out little squares, rectangles and circles that represent your furnishings. Using different colors of construction paper for the furniture shapes, designate which will go into the different rooms of your new house. This floor plan will be used by the movers on the day they arrive at your location. If you'll be there to meet them, keep it with you. If they will be there before your family arrives, give it to the movers ahead of time and explain your strategy. The movers will know just by looking at the floor plan where every piece of furniture needs to be placed.
  • Don't be worried about your things. The movers have been trained to pack and move your things very carefully. If something gets damaged during the move, the moving company will make things right for you. Be sure to let them know as soon as possible if there is a problem.

Congratulations on paying attention to details before your big move!