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3 Steps To Take After Finding Bed Bugs In Your Apartment

If your apartment has bed bugs, bug sprays sold in stores are not going to help eliminate your problem. Without taking steps to get rid of the bed bugs, the infestation could spread to other apartments. There is a good chance that you are not the responsible party for getting rid of the bugs though. Here is what you should do if you notice bed bugs. 

Talk to Your Landlord

As with other problems that occur in your apartment, it is important that you report bed bugs to your landlord. In some states, the landlord is required to take action to remedy the situation. For instance, New Hampshire's state laws place the responsibility of getting rid of the bed bugs on the landlord. However, the landlord can recover the associated costs from the tenant if he or she is responsible for the infestation. 

If your landlord is assuming the responsibility for the bed bugs, he or she is required to give you notice of the date on which the treatment is expected to occur. 

Prepare for the Exterminator

The first step in treating bed bugs for the exterminator is to inspect your apartment. The bed bug exterminator needs to confirm that there is a bed bug problem and determine its severity. You need to ensure that your bedding, clothing, drawers, and shelves are accessible to the exterminator. By doing this, you give the exterminator the material needed to find the bugs and possibly their origin. The exterminator can also determine which apartment was the original site of the infestation so that financial responsibility can be assigned, if necessary. 

Clean Your Apartment

Before the actual bed bugs treatment by the exterminator, you need to clean your apartment. Remove any clutter you have. You also need to wash your bedding and seal it in plastic bags until after the exterminator is finished. Vacuum all of the carpeted surfaces in the apartment. 

Items, such as your mattress, that are infested might need to be destroyed. This lessens the possibility of the bugs returning. If you cannot destroy the items, talk to the exterminator about possible ways to get rid of the bugs. 

By working with your landlord and exterminator to get rid of the bed bugs in your apartment, you can help to reduce the chances that they will return in the future. If necessary, the exterminator can provide you with additional tips for keeping your apartment free of bed bugs.