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Update Your Home Security By Installing Networked Security Cameras

You feel safer in your home with your security system but still worry when you're away. With a new networked-enabled security camera installation, you can see what's going on in your home while at work or on the road. Here are some of the benefits that security cameras give you over your standard home security system.

Traditional Benefits of Home Surveillance Cameras

Any type of surveillance camera will benefit you in three ways:

  • Break-in deterrence - Home burglars prefer to do their work unseen. The presence of a security camera poses a risk to the burglar being detected, which will make many burglars pass on your house.
  • Data collection - Should a burglar decide to make a quick break-in, in spite of the cameras, the cameras will capture their activity to aid in the apprehension and conviction of the burglar.
  • Legal protection - Security cameras on your property will capture when someone becomes injured by slipping and falling. The camera footage is useful to show who is at fault and may absolve you of any responsibility should you be sued.

Additional Benefits to Network-Enabled Cameras

These devices connect to your home network so you can access them wherever you are. You can use a laptop, tablet or smartphone to watch your house. With home automation features on your security system, you can even control your home while away. Some of the ways this benefits you include:

  • Monitor your house directly with the cameras instead of calling a neighbor to check on your house. When you're out of town and severe weather moves into your neighborhood, you can check on your house for any exterior damage without relying on a neighbor.
  • Watch the activity around your house if you have landscapers or maintenance people working there while you're away. If you suspect the workers are not doing their job, or may be involved in taking personal items, the cameras will be a deterrence. If they forget about the cameras, you may capture someone taking advantage of you while you're away.
  • Respond to delivery people at the front door and let them in to leave packages. Minimize the number of house keys that you give out to people by controlling who has access to your house while you're away.

Security cameras connected to your network and home automation system give you more control over your home while you're away. You won't have to worry about what you're coming back home to because you can monitor your home any time and from any where.