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4 Decorating Tips For Dressing Up Tall Windows With Drapes

Using drapes for the main window coverings in your home can be a great way to add class, while also complementing the height of taller windows. If you're concerned about how to use drapes when you have tall windows, you need to focus on making an improvement based on the features of your windows and what the drapes have to offer.

Keep the following tips in mind when shopping for drapes and before hanging them to give the sophisticated affect you want for tall windows.

Keep the Focus on the Drapes

When using drapes in any room, it's often best to make that the main focus of the room. Instead of drawing attention to an elaborate curtain rod, consider how much of an impact the drapes can make. In order to do this, consider hanging the drapes so that they barely touch the ground and have an eye-catching color or pattern that helps them stand out.

Hang the Drapes Higher Than the Windows

When determining where to hang the drapes, it's often best to hang them even higher than the windows. This can help add the illusion of more height and prevent an awkward design where the drapes start several feet below where the window begins.

Spruce Up the Drapes with Tie Backs

Another idea for decorating the drapes in your home is using tie backs. With how heavy drapes are, you'll want to make sure that the tie backs can support the weight of the drapes and make it easy to open the windows to allow light in. Instead of simply hooking the drapes back, you may find it best to spruce up the drapes with tassel ties.

Don't Be Afraid to Mix Up Fabrics

In order to draw even more attention to the drapes for your windows, consider how much of an impact mixing up fabrics can get. Instead of choosing just one solid panel for the drapes, you can try adding a lightweight and sheer curtain behind the heavier drapes, creating an entirely new look that gives you the flexibility to adjust how much light comes in throughout the day. Trying different types of fabric can also add texture to the drapes that can make a positive difference in the room.

As you prepare for hanging drapes in a room with taller windows, it is best to focus on how you can make as much of an impact as possible. With the tips above, it will be easy to make the drapes the main focal point in any room. Contact a professional service for additional info and tips.