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3 Reasons To Hire A Tree Service

A tree service is a great resource that can help you keep your trees as healthy as possible while also making sure that your property is as safe as possible. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider hiring a tree service.

Treating Disease

One of the single biggest reasons to hire a tree service is to avoid having a tree disease spread from one tree to all of the trees on your property. A tree service will be able to identify what is wrong with your trees and come up with a suitable treatment, regardless of if the problem is a disease or the result of beetles or termites.

Treatment can often include planting other plants around the tree to drive off the insects, spraying insecticides, or simply cutting off the diseased or infested limbs in the hopes that that will resolve the issue. If the tree cannot be treated, then the tree service can resort to removing the tree before the disease or insect infestation can spread and kill every one of your trees. 


Another reason to utilize a tree service is that it can greatly cut down on the risk to your property and anyone visiting your property. The reason for this is that trees with large limbs can often be a hazard during a storm because the wind can catch those limbs and tear them off. When those limbs hit your home or vehicle, they can cause a lot of extensive and expensive damage. 

In addition, the large limbs can also accumulate a lot of snow during the winter. The risk with this is that the snow will quickly get too heavy for the limb and cause it to break and fall on your property or a family member along with all of the accumulated snow. A tree service can help you avoid those issues by trimming limbs that are getting too heavy or that are getting too close to your home.


Finally, you will want to consider hiring a tree service because they can completely remove a tree from your property if you need to free up space or simply remove a dead tree. This is very useful because removing an entire tree is much harder than simply cutting it down, mostly because once the tree is cut you will have to find some way to remove both the stump and the root system. This can be extremely difficult and time-consuming without the right tools, so it is best left to a professional tree service to deal with.

Contact a tree service today in order to discuss how they may be able to help you out with your specific situation. A tree service, like Able Scape, Inc, can help cure or contain tree diseases, trim trees to limit the chances that they will harm something or someone by collapsing, and even removing trees from your property entirely.