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Use These Outdoor Lighting Tips To Make Your Yard Safe For Elderly Family Members

Whether you frequently have elderly family members visiting your home or you'll actually be having someone stay with you for a period of time, it's imperative that your home is safe for people who might not be too steady on their feet. While many people think of adding safety features to the interior of their homes, such as grab bars in the bathroom, they might neglect the area outdoors. The best way to boost the safety of the exterior of your home is through the addition of outdoor lighting. Here are some considerations to take into account before you tackle this job.

Worthwhile Locations

Outdoor lighting involves more than just leaving the porch or deck light on when your elderly family member is outside. To truly make the area safe for walking after dark, you should plan to install lights in a variety of different locations. In addition to the porch lights at the front of your house, think about installing a light post at the end of the walkway and another next to the driveway, depending on the shadows in these areas. A floodlight-style light mounted in a tree can also be valuable, as it can cast a glow at the driveway and walkway. If you install a motion sensor on this light, it will only turn on when needed.

Use Anti-Glare Bulbs

Anti-glare bulbs are a valuable way of lighting the exterior of your home for people who aren't steady on their feet. Many senior citizens wear glasses, and a conventional bulb can cause a glare that makes it difficult for the person to see. In this struggle, the person can easily lose his or her footing and suffer a fall. Anti-glare bulbs won't cause this issue; they won't create glare off the lenses of a person's glasses, meaning that your elderly family member will be able to see clearly and successfully navigate the area.

Keep The Wattage Consistent

You need to remember that just because you can see a low light, it doesn't mean that someone else can. It's a good idea to ensure that all your outdoor lights are of a consistent wattage. When the wattage between lights is inconsistent, someone can have trouble noticing a low-wattage light, especially if he or she is distracted by a bright light. This can easily lead to a stumble in the darker area. Whether you use traditional incandescent bulbs or opt for LED bulbs, do your best to ensure they have the same output.