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Tips For Successfully Planting Wildflower Seeds In Your Flower Garden

If you will be planting a flower garden this spring, then it is important for you to know how to get the best results when you plant wildflower seeds. By taking special care when planting and caring for your wildflower seeds, you will have the largest number of successful plants with beautiful flowers. To this end, follow these tips when planting your wildflower seeds this spring:

Tip: Shallowly Till Your Wildflower Beds

When you till your flower beds before planting wildflower seeds, you should take care to till the soil only a few inches down. Shallowly tilling the soil will help to keep the moisture in the soil, and this helps the seeds to properly germinate. Additionally, if you till the soil too low, then your seeds will not get enough heat from the sun to grow into plants.

Tip: Mix Peat Moss or Straw in Your Flower Beds

Once you have shallowly tilled your flower beds, then you should add peat moss or shredded straw into the soil. Adding these components to soil helps to hold air and water in the soil, and this will keep your wildflowers growing in a healthy manner. As an added bonus, flower beds that have soil additives do not need to be watered as often, and this will save a lot of water if you live in a drought-affected area.

Tip: Never Fertilize Wildflower Seeds

While vegetables and other more domesticated flowering plants require fertilization for the best growth, this is not the case when it comes to wildflower seeds. Wildflower seeds often do not require fertilization unless the soil is extremely sterile. It is especially important that you never add manure to flower beds because it will burn the plants and can kill them.

Tip: Apply a Layer of Mulch Over Wildflower Beds

Finally, once your wildflower seeds have been planted in your new flower beds, then you need to apply a layer of mulch over the top of them. Mulch will help to keep moisture in the soil so that your seeds will germinate properly, and it helps to stabilize the soil in your flower bed. If you do not live in a termite-prone area, then you can use a redwood mulch. However, if termites are a problem where you live, then you should use a non-cellulose fiber type of mulch. One popular mulch used in landscaping today is made from recycled plastic and looks just like wood mulch.