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4 Indicators It's Time To Install New Windows

Windows play a crucial role in improving the overall energy efficiency and curb appeal. Even so, they'll eventually become less efficient after years of use. At this point, the signs of damage will be obvious. For instance, you may notice warped frames that make closing difficult. Besides that, your window may need to be changed if you have noticed an unexplained spike in your energy bill. Keep reading to learn more about the warning indicators that it's time to change your home window.

There's Noticeable Condensation on Your Window

Condensation is a tell-tale sign of dysfunctional windows. However, not all condensation warrants a replacement. If you notice condensation between your window panes, the window seals are likely faulty. Remember that proper sealing contributes to the window's energy efficiency. So if the seals fail, you'll experience spiked energy bills. Condensation between panes calls for new window installation. 

The Windows Are Showing Signs of Wear and Tear

Like other window types, your wooden windows will wear out at some point and demand a replacement. Usually, wooden windows warp and may rot due to prolonged exposure to moisture and heat, making them difficult to operate. In such a situation, replacing the window is the only way to ensure smoother operations.

There's a Sudden Increase In Energy Consumption 

If you're residing in an older home, the chances are that you are losing a lot of energy through your windows. To be sure, look for gaps around the frame. Such gaps provide an escape route for the heated or cooled air. That means you have to run your HVAC system more than usual to achieve the desired indoor temperatures. If the gaps are irreparable, plan a window replacement project. You might want to upgrade to double-glazed windows for increased energy efficiency.

The Fading of Furniture and Carpet Close to the Window 

If the carpets and furniture near your window have begun to fade, it may be time to seek window replacement services. This is because your window might have lost its ultraviolet protection feature. To avoid sun damage in your home, your window professional might suggest installing low-emissivity glass windows. These windows will also shield you and your family from skin damage from prolonged sun exposure.

Effective windows offer privacy, enhance security as well as improve energy efficiency. If not so, they need to be replaced. Schedule a window replacement project with a reputable expert when you notice the above signs.

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