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Controlling The Ant Population On Your Property

Ants are one of the most common pests that a homeowner will have to work to mitigate. Not surprisingly, these pests can be very determined and durable, which means that a homeowner will need to follow some best practices if they are to keep ants from creating problems or causing damage to their property.

Use Natural Preventative Measures To Discourage Ant Problems

One thing that a homeowner may not realize is that there can be some fairly mild and natural solutions that could help to prevent ants from targeting your home. An example of this could be using talcum powder or even borax around the perimeter of the home. These substances are far gentler on the environment than traditional pest control products, but they can be extremely effective at repelling ants from getting too close to the home. Furthermore, there are some essential oils that can also be highly potent at stopping ants from getting too close to the area, but these oils will need to be applied fairly frequently if they are to remain effective as they will break down and become diluted when exposed to the elements.

Position Bait Traps Near Areas Where Ant Problems May Be More Likely

A key challenge when neutralizing an ant problem is that the queen of the colony will have to be eliminated. Unfortunately, these pests can be deep in the ant bed, and this can make it very difficult to neutralize the queen. The use of bait traps is one option that will be capable of neutralizing the queen of the colony. As workers bring back the bait, it will be given to the queen and other members of the colony. This can quickly devastate the population of the colony to the point where it may collapse. In addition to being extremely effective, this can also be a very precise option that will avoid the need to saturate the soil or the area near the nest with pesticides.

Treat Ant Beds That Are In Your Yard

One mistake that individuals can make will be assuming that they only need to treat ant beds that are extremely close to their homes. In reality, it is generally advisable to treat any ant beds that you find in your yard. These nests can extend for substantial lengths underground, and this can result in the ant bed being much closer to your home than you may have expected. By treating these nests when they are found, you can keep ants from getting to your home while also minimizing their ability to cause damage to the roots of your landscaping plants.

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